Top Common Designers Mistakes which can be Avoid

Today we will try to find out the most important Mistakes, which should not Avoid all designers. We should focus below point before working & delivered any project.

  1. Not Understanding Instructions
  2. Delivering a Poorly Written Creative Brief
  3. Not sharing your ideas and playing with marketing message and clients
  4. Not Asking for a client requirements before Starting a Project
  5. Not playing Before Designing
  6. Not choosing the right font’s
  7. Using too Many Different Colours in One Design
  8. Using too Many Different Fonts in One Design
  9. Hard to read text
  10. Over-Designing to the Point of Chaos
  11. Saving in the Wrong Design Formats
  12. Always copying other people’s designs
  13. Not Showing Clients Work in Progress
  14. Not clearly communicating the marketing message and clients
  15. Not scaling image properly
  16. Using blur imags
  17. Not Designing Logos in Vector Format
  18. Missing the point of design
  19. Forgetting White Space (Not Using White Space in Design)
  20. Not Setting Deadlines for Projects
  21. Over Commitment then Under-Deliver
  22. Not Aligned text and images
  23. Too much text in one line
  24. Using Image for design logo



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